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Ignition Repair/Replacement

Is your key stuck in the igniton? Does your ignition no longer rotate over? It rotates, but theres no power to the cluster? All these are symptoms of your ignition system failing, give Bryman's Locksmith a call and we can do a evaluation of your ignition system to make sure everything is working correctly. 

Has your Kia or Hyundai been a target for theft lately? A new recent Tiktok group has recently figured out a way to bypass the ignition system allowing for them to start and drive it. Thieves often target vehicles that are easier to steal or have lower security features. We can replace the ignition system usually in the same day so you can have peace of mind your vehicle is secured. 

To prevent theft and protect your Kia or any other vehicle, consider these 10 helpful tips by Allstate Insurance. Click the link below:

10 Tips to Avoid Car Theft | Allstate

ignition services:
  • Ignition repair

  • Ignition replacement with new key programming

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